About Us

Digital Seva Points (DSPs) are one of the important promoters of the Digital India Program Me. They are the access points for delivery of various e-governance and business services to citizens in rural and remote areas of the country. It is an all-India network that caters to the regional, geographic, linguistic and cultural diversity of the country, enabling the government's mandate of a socially, economically and digitally inclusive government. DSPs provide e-services support to citizens to enhance governance, including essential government and public utility services, social welfare schemes, financial services, education and skills development courses, health and agricultural services and digital literacy, and digital pre- There is a focus on giving. Primary school, in addition to a host of B2C services.

Through digital service marks, we aim to provide basic and retail banking services to India's unbanked and under-banked population. Our retail outlets will offer all basic banking services and products such as savings accounts, loans, cash withdrawals, cash deposits, account balance inquiries and money transfers.

Lack of awareness about digital financial literacy is a major challenge in the country, especially among the rural population, in light of demonetization by the government and hence plans to make India a cashless economy. There was an urgent need to create awareness regarding digital financial services to citizens, especially in rural and semi-urban areas.