Tele-health counseling:

The Greek word "telly" means "distance" and the Latin word "mederi" means "cure". Telemedicine is a form of primary care where the patient consults a doctor about non-emergency medical problems. No need. Visit. It will not replace face-to-face advice when needed, but it does. To provide grassroots access points for health counseling in communities through digital medium, CSC provides a full video-based tele-consultation service. India at an affordable rate. C.S.C. SPVA partnered with Apollo Hospitals Ltd. in 2001 to allow VLEs across the country to tele-consult with doctors at Apollo Hospitals. , Homeopathic and ayurvedic doctors across the country.

Pradhan Mantri Janushadhi Yojana:
The Pradhan Mantri Janushadhi Yojana aims to provide quality medicines at affordable prices, especially to the poor and backward people, through specialized outlets called ‘Jan Had Shadhi Medical Stores’. The scheme is being implemented by the Bureau of Pharmaceutical Public Sector Undertaking (BPPI). CSC SPVA partnered with BPPI to set up generic medicine stores in CSCs across the country under Jan across Shadhi Yojana.

Diagnostic services:
Hello Health Kits: Launched in September 2016 in collaboration with Hello Health, diagnostic kits are used to test parameters such as blood glucose, BP, ECG, BMI, spirometry, pulse oximetry and body temperature. The Hello Health Kit has been launched in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Haryana.

3Nethrakit: CSC SPVA has partnered with Force Health Pvt Ltd (3 Eye) for eye examination services at CSC. The service was launched in November 2016.

Tele-Madison Remote Diagnostic Kit - Control H: Control-H is an integrated wireless healthcare monitoring medical device that measures blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, body temperature, total cholesterol, hemoglobin and blood glucose.

Thyrocare: CSC SPVA has partnered with Thyrocare to provide diagnostic services through CSC. Thyrocare diagnostic services are run in Aurang Rangabad, Maharashtra and VLEs can offer diagnostic tests at affordable prices:

  • Blood test - CBC, HBA1C and TSH 
  • Urine test - urinary MA, creatinine and albumin / creatinine ratio 
  • Test Water Testing - Detection of physical and chemical impurities, elements, bacteria and pesticides in water

Jeev Ayurveda Yojana: CSC SPVA has partnered with Jeeva Ayurveda to bring Ayurveda counseling and more than 150 Ayurvedic products to the citizens through CSC Network. The service was launched in July, 2016 in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Jiv Ayurveda product sales are now alive in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal except the states of North India.

Health Homo: CSC SPVA has launched a new service called Health Homo Package, which includes the following:

  • Doctor's advice through video call. 
  • Year-round treatment for unlimited diseases and health problems and unlimited German medicines for one year for the patient. 
  • There is no courier charge for six couriers of drugs; After six deliveries. 
  • Homeopathic Family First Aid Kit. 
  • Treatments provided by the world's largest homeopathic treatment portal, ''